Saturday, July 20, 2013

Louis Weedon multicolor PETIT NOE review

Maybe many people know, Louis Vuitton Monogram multicolor uplift is a creation. The Louis Vuitton multicolor PETIT NOE is a good example, rattling filled Fu lung.

This beam pockets with color Monogram canvas, natural cowhide leather trim and microfiber lining. A size 9.8 "X10.6" X7.1 "bag bag, a farmer, que was originally designed for large capacity to carry the champagne bottle rich. Although it is no longer used to install a champagne bottle, it is functional, as it once was, if not more. Leather strap enclosed, together with the gusset, flaps and buckles firmly ensure the safety of your property, it is the two outer bag multifunctional, a flat bag and D- ring hand charm, it can be comfortable with adjustable shoulder strap. In addition, package with golden brass metal shining.

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